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Natalie, Community Manager

Discord: @Pancakes#5116
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sixene, Operator

Discord: @Okay.#7919
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Sphere, Server Developer

Discord: @v3rtices#7237
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frequently asked questions

Q: Why is the server asking me to enter a password?
A: Because mojang deactivated the authentiction servers for beta and other older versions we
use a heavily modified version of AuthME to keep accounts secure.

Q: Can my password differ from my Mojang Account password?
A: Yes, it can be anything you like. Keep in mind your account is just as secure as the password you give it.
the admin of 2beta2t cannot reverse any damage caused by an account being stolen.

Q: I forgot my password, could i get it reset pls?
A: try running '/reset' and if that doesn't work, try connecting with version 1.12.2, or in worst case, shoot sixene an email.

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