Server Donations

Thank you for considering donating to 2beta2t!
all donations go to covering costs and upgrades, check ko-fi for current goal.

"EPIC Donation(TM)" --WalkersCrisps
"Thanks for your service! Now enjoy funny number donation from the first person to -legitimately- make it to the farlands on 2beta!" --Sixene
"BASE SEA - MEN ON TOP" --Koffee
"I love women But men men" --RealPlayer
"this server was a mistake" --Snoopie
"Im not gay... but~" --PigPen101
"Guess I made it FAR into the internet, thanks for everything, love you all" --Pixelcrocodile
"Joined on 12/06/2020 for Anarchy, stayed for the people." --Anu
"In case of an investigation by any federal entity or similar, I do not have any involvement with this group or with the people." --Shae

Donor Perks

Min $5 to receive Perks, min $15 for Profile Page.

Where to Donate

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How to Receive Perks

Please email or make a ticket on the Discord with your Minecraft Name, Discord ID and Special Message and we'll add your perks within 48 hours
Thanks for Donating! <3

maintained by sixene, have fun!