2Beta2T is a minecraft server running on version Beta 1.7.3
with the goal to never reset the world in a free for all no rules pvp environment, with little
modification to the vanilla survival gamemode. The world is over 3 years old,
with a size of 134 GBs and 1200+ players visiting at least once.


Jan 27th 2020
Server is launched by first owners 'tinfist' and 'spearmintz'.

Jan 29th 2020
What's widely considered the server's first base '1k1k' is created.

Feb 23rd 2020
Because of events beyond the original owners' control the server is transferred to 'Snoopie'.

Jan 15th 2021
SalC1 featured 2beta2t in a YouTube video boosting the playercount to an all-time high of 40.

Jan 18th 2021
Server's domain is changed from 2beta2t.ddns.net to 2beta2t.net.

Jan 20th 2021
First experimental version of the website '2Beta2TestNet' is launched.

Feb 23rd 2021
Farlands are reached by FCG members 'Sixene' 'Godbot1000' 'BarrySmootherson' and 'CheesyDean'.

Mar 20th 2021
Due to increased player counts and outgrowing the previous hosting solution the server transferred to 'historian'.

Mar 28th 2021
Corner farlands are reached by 'You'.

Jun 14th 2021
32m Overworld (the 'crash boarder') is reached by 'CheesyDean' spawning a wave of crash fixes.

Jan 26th 2022
About a year in the making, a group of people (sixene, VonIsaac, CheesyDean, Godbot1000 and Sphere) reach the 32m32m playable world border.

Mar 24th 2022
After more than a year the website is finally completed.

Dec 18th 2022
Server is transfered to 'sixene', 2beta2t's 5th owner.

May 21st 2023
website is redesigned by me, sixene


- Official Subreddit.
- Official Discord Server.
- Landing Page.
- How to Connect to the Server.
- Utility Mods and Installation Instructions.
- Donate to help fund server development and hosting costs.
- (You are here) About 2Beta2T
- Contact the staff of 2beta2t

maintained by sixene, have fun!