hey! i'm sixene
i'm 20, birthday on june 18th, started off as a player here, trying to get to the farlands.
now i'm owner somehow, but yeah, i try to hold up the previous values of the server or improve on them
honestly this project has helped me a lot with experience in maintaining a community and a server
aspiring network engineer btw
i hope to take this community as far as i can, tho i am busy most of the time sadly
after snoop's departure, i got to redesign this site, so yeah, everything you saw here was touched up by me, hope you like it
if you got any suggestions, really feel free to hit up anyone on the team, they'll help or tell me if needed
i have to keep my dms closed cause this kind of a community attracts a lot of degenerates, but you, the person reading this, is alright tho :)