The server's IP address is '' and the version is 'Minecraft Beta 1.7.3'. If you have no idea what that is, have a look!
All you need to connect is:

Vanilla Launcher

Step 1. Enable Historical Versions

Because Microsoft, in order to play 2Beta2T its version 'Minecraft Beta 1.7.3' will need to be enabled by navigating to 'Settings' than by clicking 'Enable Historical Versions'.
Historical Versions Check Box
Now we can move on to creating an installation.

Step 2. Creating an Installation

With Historical Versions enabled, we can now move on to creating an installation. First click 'Installations' than 'New Installation'.
New Installation Button
After opening the 'New Installation' menu click 'VERSION' drop-down than scroll aaaaall the way down to 'old_beta b1.7.3'
than if you like give it a name than click "Create'
Create Instance

Step 3. Connecting to 2Beta2T

With the newly created instance slected click 'PLAY' than wait for resources to download.
NOTICE: depending on your internet connection speed, it can take anywhere between 15 seconds and 45 minutes to download resources, be patient.
Once the game window launches click 'Multiplayer', input '' than click 'Connect'
Congrats, you are now connected to 2beta2t! Enjoy!

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maintained by sixene, have fun!