Clients, World Downloads, and More For Minecraft Beta 1.7.3


Though all direct downloads have been checked and presumed safe, no method is perfect and therefore all files are provided here as-is with absolutely no warranty. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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Aswell as client specific instructions being provided in the packages available for download, there's a video tutorial for many different game launchers here

$now Client *Staff Pick*

$now is a Minecraft Utility Mod made by MEDMEX, it is literally the best public client as of writing.
Modern features like:
-Speedhack (kinda)
-All basic features from the clients below
[>Direct Download<]

Infinity Client V1.0 *Staff Pick*

Infinity is a Minecraft Utility Mod designed by Benzodiazepine and compiled November 9th 2011. Sporting the cleanest code of any 2011 client, with an extensive amount of polish and features.. of which:
- InstaMine    -HideChat
- Jesus    -NoSwing
- Flight    -Speed Gonzales
- WallHack    -NoPush
- FreeCam    -NoFall
[>Direct Download<]

Alias Client V3.4b

Alias is a Minecraft Utility Mod that has been skidded to hell by multiple people but this is the original compiled in November 4th by Anthony92/A_dizzle. Featured Include:
- Xray    -FastPlace
- Timer    -KillAura
- NoClip    -WallClimb
- Radar    -Nuker
- HideWeather    -WorldDownloader
[>Direct Download<]

PikaClient V1.7

Compiled July 27th 2011 by systat, PikaClient is a long time favorite of the 2Beta community.
- Slow Flight    -HideChat
- KillAura
- CaveFinder
- AirJump
[>Direct Download<]

ApathyCraft Client V0.1

ApathyCraft is a Minecraft Utility Mod compiled by MrChilledSnow for his group 'Team-Apathy' Featured Include:
- Sneak    -NoSwing
- Step    -Radar
- HighJump    -WallClimb
- Freecam    -Nametags
- ChestFinder    -Fly
[>Direct Download<]

Elite Client V1.0

Elite is a fairly lightweight Utility Mod compiled by Xerif. Features Include:
- ChestFinder    -NoSwing
- Step    -Nametags
- TorchNuker    -Instant
- Freecam
- Fly
[>Direct Download<]

L33t Client V1.1

L33t Client is.. a definitly very interesting example of a Utility Mod, compiled August 25th 2011 by 'CrackedIpodScreen' the presentation of this client is unconventional but it has a fair complement of features, of which:
- Ninja
- Speed
- TorchNuker
- DiamondXray
- Fly
[>Direct Download<]

PB Client V6.4

PB Client was designed by Xerif and compiled August 8th 2011 with the standard features.
- Cool Brick Background
- Entity Vision    -Anti Weather
- ChestFinder
- NoSlow
- TorchNuke
[>Direct Download<]

PvP+ Client V1.1

PvP+ was designed by H3XEN and compiled July 21st and its good for pvp.. I guess?
- Timer
- Reach
- Fullbright
- WallClimb
[>Direct Download<]

Revision Client V2.4

Created by an unknown member of TeamRevision and compiled August 4th 2011, Revision is a fairly featured client featuring:
- Release-ish Server Browser
- FreeCam
- ChestFinder
- DiamondXray
[>Direct Download<]


Created by Molly Smiles and compiled August 8th 2011 in secret no doubt its.. OOOooOOOoOOOooOOo Seeeeecrettt.
- InstaMine
- EasyRead
- MonsterLabel
- Nuker
[>Direct Download<]

xXTeamAfterMathXx Private Client V0.3

Created by Lozus and compiled August 1st 2011 this client has your standard features in an unobtrusive package.
- 3xJump
- WallClimb
- Shadow Remover
- FullBright
- Timer (0.3x and 4x Multispeed)
- PlayerID
[>Direct Download<]

2Infinite2Terrain World Download

2i2t was a server ran as a Christmas 2020 event on a custom version of minecraft called Infdev Ultimate
[>Direct Download<]

BASE SEA - MEN World Download

Base created by the Group "Sea Men"
McRegion and Anvil
[>Direct Download<]

maintained by sixene, have fun!